A+ Apps

A suite of Financial Planning applications

A+ apps

A+ Apps is a new company seeking to establish themselves in the iOS application market.  Our goal is to create a quality suite of Financial Planning applications for the iPhone and iPad.

The initial release of applications will be simple calculators for the iPhone.  These will be designed with the end user in mind and will be simple to use and very descriptive.  The results for each of these calculators will be a simple number.

The next phase of our cycle will be to slowly release the iPad tools.   These applications will be more complex and be designed for use by professional Financial Planners in front of their clients.  The applications will have more analysis of the results.

Please look over our products and search for us in the AppStore.  You can like us on Facebook ( www.facebook.com/AplusApps ) and send any feedback to [email protected]  Finally come back here to view updates to our product suite and other useful resources.


PS I have created a new app for my kids.  It is a Beanie Boos list of all the available Boos, check it out and tick off all the Boos you have collected.